Tips For Organizing New Year Corporate Event

New Year Party

Before answering the question โ€œhow,โ€ it is important to be able to identify the needs of the corporation you work for. The most common reason for companies to organize a New Year event is the opportunity to tighten or create links among employees, especially in large companies.

Also, keep in mind that everything depends on the culture of the company and its size. Itโ€™s also a matter of means and the budget. But the most important thing is the exchange of gleeful and festive atmosphere.

Fortunately, the ideas on how to celebrate are numerous, and you will surely succeed in organizing your event by choosing among some of them.

Here are some inspirational hints on how to make the end of the year event memorable within your company.

1. Original Venue

You will achieve the wow factor for sure by hosting the event at an unusual venue. The viable options could be museums, casinos, art galleries, historic properties, and even warehouses.

2. Champagne Toast

Step into the new year in style with a champagne toast at midnight when the clock strikes twelve. Champagne toasts can be easy to set up. You can even place a special table for โ€œmidnight champagne toast.โ€ If you have a special table, let everyone know in ample time so they can go and get their drinks without a crowd. Or wait for the staff to bring the drinks to the attendees.

3. Signature Corporate Cocktails

Party Signature Corporate Cocktailsย 

There will be beer lovers, wine lovers, and all kinds of drink lovers at the party. But our advice would be to make a cocktail signature drink for this kind of event. Put a personal spin on it by giving a fun name to it inspired by the companyโ€™s name and logo.

4. Decor

New Year DecorWhen it comes to New Year events, one of the most popular themes is disco. Place a disco ball on the ceiling and combine it with the right lightening.

For larger venues, consider the fun idea of having a small drink truck that will be transporting drink essentials to the guests. This way, you will reduce queues near the countdown and offer a better experience to the attendees.

Enhance the atmosphere of your venue by relying on various lightning effects like some fairy light centerpieces paired with the illuminated bases and floor gobos.

5. Pyrotechnics

Celebration Pyrotechnics

Create a great outdoor atmosphere with fireworks and sparklers. Itโ€™s nice to start with fireworks with the biggest rocket as close to midnight as possible. If you are popping a bottle of champagne, this is also the right moment to bring the atmosphere to the next level.

6. Giant Countdown Clock

At this kind of event, the attendees are most probably glancing now and then at their watches to see how close New Year is. And they want to choose with who and where they want to be at the very first moment of the new year. Make it easier for them with a digital or traditional clock positioned in the central part of the venue. The fun idea could be to project the time onto the wall while video streaming the New Year event from all around the city.

7. Fun Photo Booth

The idea is to have a good time together, just being part of the fun photo booth session. Simply put, set up a New Year-themed photo booth space and hold a photo session with all the team members. If you are few, the Boomerang app can do the trick. Between the photo, the gif, and the video mixed up, the rendering will be certainly both unexpected and fun. Show all your guests that you can find bright event ideas with original photo animations.

8. Healthy Breakfast After Holidays

Rather than adding a huge meal to the long list of festivities awaiting your employees, invite them to a post-holiday get-together in a โ€œhealthyโ€ breakfast mode. It will be an opportunity to wish Happy New Year around good fresh products, light and full of vitamin โ€” smoothies, salads, skewers of fruits, pancakes, and dairy products. For the occasion, call local producers.

9. Gifts for Employees

Organize Gifts for every one!The classic formula of receiving and offering the gifts remains effective, especially when everything is well organized. Some companies do it creatively by offering various activities, such as excursions. Also, some companies organize casino parties to show they do not hesitate to spend when it comes to expressing gratitude and uniting their โ€œtroops.โ€ Here are no-fail gifts to offer to your employes to convey your thoughtfulness โ€” a professional notebook, calendars, coffee or tea blends, online classes, headphones. Gift vouchers are more advantageous than traditional gifts because they offer the opportunity to choose your present.

Keep it fun and original with some of these end-of-the-year event ideas for your corporate gathering. And no matter the budget, with a little bit of creativity, you will make it for all attendees a New Year Corporate eve to remember.