Themed Weddings: Funny Wedding

As joyous as they may be, weddings are stressful occasions. Choosing the venue, making the guest list, composing invitations, all of that requires both time and energy. As the big day approaches, almost every bride and groom to be seem to be at their wits’ end. Preparations intensify, especially when it comes to the bride and her bridesmaids. An endless search for the perfect wedding gown and the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses seems hopeless. Planning the perfect hairdo and makeup only adds fuel to the fire, and there has not been a single bride who has not worried about something going wrong. Once the preparations are over, and the day of the wedding ceremony finally arrives, every couple has high expectations regarding their celebration.

Nevertheless, it is essential not to forget what is really important about that day. It is not about the perfect appearance and leaving an impeccable impression on your invitees. It is about celebrating the love you have for each other and having your friends and family members share your happiness with you. However, that is easier said than done, which is why I will present you with an idea on how to remove distractions preventing you from enjoying the most exciting period of your life. Why not have a funny wedding? It has been proved multiple times that laughter makes everything better and more memorable. Why would a wedding be an exception to that rule? In fact, love and laughter combine really well. Just think of all the romantic comedies — they represent it perfectly.

When Romance and Comedy Intertwine

Remember “Bride Wars”? The entire movie was about a disastrous fight that almost ruined the life-long friendship between two brides to be. It greatly influenced their wedding preparations and finally culminated on the day of their weddings, giving the audience something to laugh at. Ultimately, it was all for the best, and their funny moments made that day even more noteworthy than it was originally going to be.

I am not advising you to go to such an extent because, after all, life is not a movie. However, I am advising you to make your wedding purposefully funny, and I am going to share a few ideas on how to achieve that.

Wedding Photos

The most obvious way to laugh away the stress on your wedding day is to have a unique, funny photoshoot. Every couple has some inside jokes and their own goofy moments that connect them and make them smile. Just think of all the things you do when you are alone to make each other laugh. Why not capture those instances in your wedding photos? You are about to vow to each other to spend your lives together and keep making one another happy. Imagine having a lifetime to look at an entire photo album reminding you of that promise. Imagine reliving those funny moments every time you open it. A couple that laughs together stays together.

Making plans for the photoshoot will not be a difficult task — simply reminisce about your funny moments and each other’s eccentricities that make you laugh. That process itself will make the stress gradually fade away. Then, choose an established wedding photographer and explain the idea to them. Let them get to know you as a couple and listen to their suggestions as well. Work together as a team in order to choose the perfect setting and tone of your photoshoot. Have your photographer elaborate the idea and finally, let them do the rest and realize it in the best possible way.

The First Dance?

The wedding tradition suggests that the newlyweds have the first dance as husband and wife. It is usually a nice moment, but over time, all the first dances have started to resemble one another. Slow love songs, dimmed lights, and smoke around a couple’s feet make for a pretty picture that has, however, become a cliche.

Instead of following in the footsteps of almost every couple before you, why not have a performance of your own? It can be a dance, but it does not have to be a slow one. You can choreograph it yourself or have a professional do it for you. Not only will you have fun, but you will also amuse all of your guests. Alternately, you can have a performance that completely excludes dancing. Let your imagination run wild and demonstrate a talent you share with your significant other. You can play some instruments or perform a sketch; possibilities are truly endless.


Wedding Speeches

Speeches represent the perfect opportunity to create a positive atmosphere and amuse your invitees. Have your maid of honor and your best man deliver funny ones instead of generic, impersonal speeches everyone will forget by the end of the ceremony. After all, they are your best friends, and I am sure they have plenty of interesting, yet tasteful stories to tell about the two of you. Let them describe the way you met, their feelings for you, or your bond in a funny way. Not only will they be more relaxed about speaking in front of a crowd, but they will also give the guests, as well as you two, something to laugh at.

Parting Gesture

Instead of giving impersonal gifts to your guests at the end of the day, design creative presents that will speak to each one of them personally and make them smile. For instance, every invitee could receive an amusing note in addition to their gift, which could be comprised of a funny souvenir and a tastefully decorated set of candles. Alternately, you can show your loved ones how much you care about them and appreciate their presence by giving them authentic gifts and making sure no two people receive the same one. Whichever way you go, make an attempt to end the day in an appropriate tone that will be in accordance with the theme. Finally, keep in mind that the point of a wedding is to have fun, so you might as well emphasize it and have a memorable experience you will fondly remember.