Themed Weddings: Casual Wedding

Every season is the wedding season. You just need to choose a theme that suits your sensibility. We live in the modern world, in which the bride- and groom-to-be are able to plan their celebration their own way, without having to abide by some outdated rules. In this article, we will discuss various aspects of a casual wedding. If you and your significant other are not into formalities, this may be a perfect solution for you. I will suggest several casual wedding ideas you can use as a sample in the process of planning your own special day. That way, it can truly become the best day of your lives.

Before we get into details regarding preparations and the big day itself, you need to comprehend what characterizes a casual wedding. It is about simplicity and class — a unique representation of the famous saying “Less is more.” If you like the idea of having a casual wedding, forget about all the extravagance advertised in the media. Make your celebration personal, let it reflect the love you and your fiance share, instead of emphasizing the money you may have. At the end of the day, love is forever, and so is style. If yours is casual, let it be the theme of your wedding.

Invitations: Casual Tone, Classy Style

Once you have set the date and chosen the location, you need to inform your loved ones and invite them to celebrate with you. You may think that wedding invitations have to be elegant, written by a designer and thus impersonal. However, that is far from the truth. If a couple is engaged in planning their own wedding, they can arrange everything according to their preferences. The invitations are not an exception.

Essentially, you and your significant other should design your own invitations so that they reflect the style that defines you as a couple. Additionally, personalized invitations define the theme of the wedding, thus fitting perfectly with everything that follows.

Weddinig Casual

Considering their significance, invitations to a casual wedding should be written on handmade paper, preferably by hand. If you are reluctant about the idea, you can choose a simple typing style and compose the text yourself. Remember, you are addressing your loved ones, so feel free to make it personal.

As for the design, choose lighter ink and unusual color combinations. Additionally, incorporate creative images and motifs as a manifest of the theme and your own sensibility.

Casual Theme Means Casual Attire

As a casual bride, you can sport almost anything on your special day. Depending on your preferences, you can replace an elegant gown with a white or beige sundress. Alternately, a unique combination of a casual shirt and a long, fluttering skirt or a retro pantsuit may compliment you. Casual attire implies comfortable clothes. Even though a wedding dress is an option, you should make the most out of your team and make comfort your priority. Moreover, casual clothing can always be enriched to look more elegant, yet you are sure you get to wear it more than that one time.

When it comes to the groom, he can easily achieve casual elegance by wearing either trousers or dark jeans and combining them with an untucked shirt. Even though men’s wear may seem less elaborate, there is a variety of possibilities for a casual groom’s attire. Since yours is not a black-tie wedding, a tie is not only optional but may even be redundant. Furthermore, depending on the weather, he can wear a jacket or a vest or simply go for the minimalist look.

As for the bridesmaids, instead of dressing them in matching gowns, let your friends choose their own dresses in accordance with the theme. You want your wedding to be casual, so let everyone express themselves through their clothes.

Cozy Setting

Since you are planning an informal wedding, you are free to choose any location that speaks to your heart. That can be your parents’ backyard, filled with happy memories. You can even get married in a local park, a meadow, or any other place that combines informality and intimacy. Additionally, having a casual wedding is an opportunity to be creative. Instead of booking an expensive restaurant, you can have a ceremony on a rooftop under the stars, in a secluded barn, or an art gallery. Let your imagination take over and do not feel obligated to respect any social conventions in terms of the setting.

Simple Decor

Wedding decor can truly drain your funds, even if it does not seem that way at first glance. Planning a casual wedding allows you to avoid excessive expenses while enabling you to have the setting decorated with simplicity and class. Instead of lavish flower arrangements, you can have bouquets of your favorite flowers placed in small vases on each table. If you choose an evening wedding, you can set the mood by lighting candles instead of having flashy lights shine in your eyes.

Intimate Meals

Wedding coupleWedding food is another segment of your celebration in which you can really let your imagination run wild. Since your idea is an informal gathering of your loved ones, you can have your meals in an atmosphere that resembles a family lunch. For instance, have oak-smoked meat from local farms served with fresh and grilled vegetables placed on platters on every table for guests to share. As appetizers, you can have homemade bread served with butter, cheese, and olives. Additionally, bowls of fruit and jugs containing lemonade and sangria are perfect to have as refreshments. Alternately, if you are planning a small gathering, you can make it really cozy by asking your guests for their favorite recipes and then have them prepared for your big day.

Gift Registry

Since you are having an informal ceremony, the point is to save money, both yours and your guests’. Instead of registering in expensive stores and having china you may never use, search for stores that suit your style and personality and register there. Let your family members and friends bring you gifts that will make you smile and remember them fondly forever.

Part From Your Guests Gracefully

The end of your wedding is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to your loved ones. Instead of handing out meaningless gifts, show good taste by giving unique and personal presents to your guests. They can reflect their own style and preferences or the setting in which the ceremony has taken place, such as wax-sealed jars of homemade honey or antique handkerchiefs. Possibilities for making that day memorable for everybody are truly infinite.