Strengthen The Team Spirit


To create team cohesion, nothing is better than a corporate event! The summer season is particularly suitable for organizing an outdoor team building activity. Warmth and sun are conducive to convivial moments while playing any kind of sports or participating in outdoor activities.


Onboard an inflatable boat of five to ten people, the team members will have to descend a river using paddles while passing by river “rapids.” If the paddles are not coordinated, the boat will not move forward and may even capsize during heavy turbulence! All participants must, therefore, coordinate to move forward together. This sport combines a strong sensation and the pleasure of the water, which seems perfect for cooling off during the summer heat and getting your head out of the office. Reinforced team spirit is guaranteed!

Outdoor Karting


In summer, outdoor karting is an ideal activity to challenge your team. Between speed and competition, the team members will have to make the longest lap possible for a limited amount of time. Karting creates a spirit of healthy competition between employees, which reduces small daily tensions.

Orientation Course

Orienteering is a fun and enjoyable way to discover a city and promote the team spirit and collaboration between the participants. At each key step, a clue will wait for them to reveal to them the next venue. Let your collaborators roam the city and get lost in the alleys to reach the endpoint. This activity is ideal for summer days.


You want your employees to reach peaks in the office? So what better way than to take them to excel during a climbing session! This original team building, best done in summer to enjoy a sunny afternoon at the foot of the rocks, is ideal for surpassing oneself and strengthening the team spirit. The participants, divided into different pairs, will have to pick the roles between those who climb and those who ensure them. Climbing is perfect for developing a game of trust and communication within a workgroup.

Clay Pigeon Shooting


Go for one of the most fun team building activities. Let off some steam by blowing up clay pigeons in the sky. This game also helps in promoting healthy competition in a fun and clubby setting and is a great way to encourage employees to strive to perform to their very best.

Golf Tournaments

There are nearly 27 golfers in the U.S. This is one of the most popular corporate team gatherings. You can play your own golf tournament or make a day out of attending some of the local golf events with the team members.

Race With Obstacles

For this competitive outdoor team building, you will need items for obstacles like tires, chairs, or nets. The participants are going to cross different hurdles to finish before the time’s up. Also, the team members have to cross other obstacles by climbing small walls and getting through a net.

Outdoor Cinema


The perfect outdoor event for summer days is an outdoor cinema, whether you pick some of the local theatres or decide to create cinema space in your company’s outdoor area or on the rooftop of the building.

Performing Art Events

Every city and town has some outdoor concert events, especially during the spring and summer months featuring jazz, rock, pop, or orchestra performers. These festivals usually include lawn seating, a space for private tents, and drink serving. This could be a real hit for your corporate event, with natural scenery, live music, and perhaps some cheese and wines included in it. Many city parks offer outdoor theatres so that you can consider BBQ night followed by the entertaining performance as an option.

Catamaran Cruise

Catamaran Cruise

In case you are living by the water, this type of outdoor corporate event is naturally imposed. Hire a private boat or yacht during the day or evening and enjoy magnificent views while sipping favorite drinks.  The popular cruise options are the historical cruise, cruise with cocktails and live music, and brunch cruise.

Wine Tasting

A wine tasting game is great for creative events or a relaxing break. This type of event can be organized either in some local wine production or maybe better in a restaurant on the top of the building with a perfect city view. It can be a corporate event for itself or in combination with city sightseeing or a movie night.

Organizing an outdoor corporate event doesn’t have to be a daunting and challenging task. Using these ideas, along with your organizational skills in many ways, will help you find something to stand out and will make your event a really engaging experience.