How To Plan A Surprise Anniversary Party Step By Step

Venue with two people with each other

First, imagine the perfect evening for the couple that will be in the center of everyone’s attention. Think of what the couple likes and what they are passionate about? Carefully choose the venues, the guests, and the theme of the evening so that everything is prepared for a memorable anniversary party.

Don’t think that you can do everything alone, and don’t hesitate to ask for help from your friends. Delegate tasks before and during the evening. You can assign different tasks to several people like handling guests during the reception, taking care of the music, or taking photos. Of course, if this is within your budget, you can very well hire a bartender, a DJ, and a professional photographer.


It is important to send invitations well ahead with info about the date, place, and time. You should also add your contact information and mention that it is a surprise evening! Give an RSVP deadline specifying the details of the evening (the theme of the evening or dress code, for example).

Who to Invite?

It is necessary to choose the guests according to the preferences of the couple. If they prefer a small gathering to large parties, invite just close friends and family. If you invite colleagues and a larger circle of friends, keep in mind the size of the venue.

Choose The Venue

Venue decoration

The choice of venue depends on the season and number of guests. Will you go for a rented garden space, your own home’s space, or maybe for a family member’s house? On the other hand, it would be better not to party at home to avoid the chaos that will remain once the party is over. Also, by throwing the party at home, the couple will feel like the host rather than the honored guests, which can bring unnecessary stress.

It’s quite possible to have a party at a friend’s house. But as not everyone has a big house, you can rent space in some of the city’s community centers that will accommodate all guests. The advantage of renting a space is that it has everything necessary for the party, such as a bar, a stage, and a dance floor.

Some viable options for the venue are also a restaurant, cottage, or guest house. If you choose a restaurant, an important benefit is that you do not need to serve or prepare food. Celebrating in a cottage allows all guests to sleep on the spot, and you will be able to organize an activity for the next day. The price of renting a cottage for a whole weekend depends on the season, the place, and the number of beds and services available.

Anniversary Outdoor Party

If you want to organize your party outdoors during the summer holidays, get help from your friends who have a large yard. If not, it is possible to reserve a property with a barbecue and picnic table or to privatize a beach for this special day.

On a public beach, it might be necessary to respect various rules, including the prohibition to consume alcohol in a public place and to light a campfire. In this case, the organization of music and lighting can be a little bit complicated.


Celebrating girl standing on balcony

It’s always nice to choose a theme for a surprise party. Once you have got it covered, it will be easier to choose the elements of decoration. Some of the interesting anniversary decorations to consider are garlands, balloons, floral arrangements, canvas prints, and centerpieces. It is possible to decorate the venue with items belonging to the couple that remind them of their beautiful and everlasting moments. It is easy to make a photo timeline using a fishing line and mini-pins, for example.


You can offer a big gift or a cardboard box filled with small tips. The perfect time to offer the gifts is just before the desserts so to gather all the guests.

Once you have found the perfect gift, do not forget to ask all participants to sign and if possible, leave a sweet note on the birthday card. This is important and will be the highlight of the evening.

Food And Drink Menu

Food and drinks Regarding food and drink, you should provide dishes that will be appreciated by most people. When it comes to the budget, you can ask friends and family to collect the money for buying the groceries.

Depending on your guests, choose a classic table meal or make an aperitif dinner. The second option will certainly be much more affordable in terms of the price and organization. For a larger number of guests like more than 30, have the food catered to avoid cooking for such a big party.

If you have time, you can always make a large bowl of punch or sangria to gather the people around.

Keep The Secret

All party guests must remain discreet until the big day. You will have to inform people that everything happens in the utmost secrecy.

The most exciting thing about organizing a surprise party is to keep the secret as long as possible. First of all, it must be made clear for all invitees that it is a surprise party.

Make clear to those who are not invited and who may be in contact with the person to keep the secret. If the surprise anniversary party is for your spouse and you are sharing your computer, pay attention to your internet searches. It is also possible to create an email address specifically for the event to communicate with the guests.


The choice of music is essential. It will give the ambiance to the evening. As we saw earlier, you can hire a DJ or rent a sound system. The children will always be very motivated to animate the guests. It’s up to you to choose if you want to delegate this important task to them.Music dj

Create a soundtrack playlist on Deezer, combining all the music styles in order to please every taste. If you are a musical soul, write a song and have the lyrics printed out for the guests to sing it all together.

Then, during the evening, you can set up games that do not require any preparation in advance, such as musical chairs, which is suitable for all generations.

Surprise, surprise!

Ask friends and family to come 30 min in advance, for those who are used to being late. You also need to find someone to keep the couple busy all day long until the party is ready. Surprise the honored guests with confetti on their arrival.


We hope we helped you with these tips to take your party to the next level by making it a unique and memorable event. Keep in mind that, apart from fun gathering, one of the main purposes is to allow friends and family to let the couple know how much their life milestone has influenced those around them.