Get Ready for Your Birthday Party Abroad


It is always easy to overlook something but also keep in mind that celebrating your milestone birthday abroad is already so much fun that it would be really hard to ruin it. In this article, we are offering you useful tips and tricks to help you make this special day memorable and enjoyable.

1. Pick Your Location Wisely

So you have either already picked the destination, or you are wondering where you should go. If you haven’t decided yet, before you make the final decision, take into account weather conditions wherever you’re going. If you are a January child, Europe would probably not be a wise choice with a lot of snow, rain, and cold wind strikes. Avoid this miserable weather there and choose Australia, for example, which is perfect for the time around New Year since the weather is perfect for some exploration and outdoor activities.

Spring months are beautiful in Japan or Thailand; summer months are beautiful to spend on some of the Greek islands, while autumn is perfect for a medieval tour in some of the European cities. The possibilities are endless, so we suggest you to visit the destination websites to get some ideas and find your perfect location.

2. Packing for Your Birthday Party Abroad


This part of the planning process can turn into a nightmare if you’re not organized enough. For starters, make a checklist and double-check it the night before the trip. Keep in mind that air policies are very different, so contact your agency or air company and check the weight of the luggage and other details. This is not an ordinary trip, so you absolutely can’t afford to lose your luggage. It’s preferable to have your bags in bright and cheerful colors so you can easily identify them. Be sure you have all the receipts for your gift bags because the officer at the custom may request them to check if their value exceeds the limit.

3. Prepare Well in Advance

As soon as you pick the destination and time of your birthday celebration, you should inform your invitees by sending invitations. Since you are celebrating abroad, your guests must be given enough time to organize regarding their job, babysitting, and other commitments. You should mail your birthday invitations as early as several months in advance.

Take advantage of social media and various apps. They can help you find the best venue, wedding planner, videography services, and get info about the available activities for the guests.

Make a Facebook group designated only for your invitees so that you can keep in touch through it, and if something unpredictable comes up, everybody will instantly be informed.

4. Prepare Goody Bags for Guests

This kind of birthday celebration includes additional expenses for your invitees and therefore, preparing a goody welcome bag will be absolutely amazing and thoughtful from your side. You can include an itinerary to help them plan their activities outside a birthday party. Add some snacks and fruit, sunscreen, sunglasses, a tote bag, and a toothbrush. In any case, it should be some handy things they might happen to forget at home and they will surely need at the destination.

5. Activities

birth Activities

To keep your invitees entertained, choose some of the many activities in accordance with your birthday destination. If the venue is at the seaside, opt for snorkeling or catamaran cruise. If you are somewhere with beautiful mountain scenery, go for a group hiking. The welcome cocktail is an excellent way for your guests to get to know each other or maybe a wine tour if your destination has significant tradition in wine production.

Don’t overcharge the schedule of your guests. It’s very probable they want to enjoy part of the trip by themselves. So give them enough free time and don’t overpack your schedule.

6. Keep the Dancefloor Packed

Since your guests have traveled a long way to join you in your celebration, you want them to have a wonderful time. And when we say wonderful time, we surely think of good music. You can hire a local DJ, or you want to bring local flavor to your party by hiring a local band. Ask for recommendations from your birthday planner or get some info via social media. One of the viable options is also flying your favorite DJ to your birthday destination, which will be an additional cost in your budget.

7. Videography Services

There’s no party without photos, but if you are a trend follower, take advantage of videography services like 30 videos, drone shooting, or 4k videos. Once the birthday is over, create a web page or social media group so that all the guests can enjoy the memorable moments they have been part of.

We hope our advice will be helpful and will take a bit of stress off your shoulders. Anyway, don’t hesitate to hire a professional in order to have a really amazing birthday celebration with your friends and family. Keep in mind that perfection shouldn’t be your ultimate goal but great fun and a lot of smiles on everyone’s faces!