Classic Wedding Ceremony Ideas

No matter which type of a marriage ceremony you have chosen, a civil or religious one, the classic wedding theme is always in style. So let’s tackle some timeless pieces of advice to help you incorporate new ideas in your overall wedding concept. 

Wedding Venue

You can make a classic wedding ceremony fit almost any type of venues like banquets halls, country clubs, ballrooms, private estates or hotels. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to be overly formal. For a unique spin, we suggest to host your wedding party in a courtyard or European style garden, or, why not, in a castle. Any venue featuring elegant decor will be a suitable option. It doesn’t require the total transformation of the space since it’s already made in a refined and sophisticated style.

Wedding Venue

Color Palette

The choice of color is an important aspect when it comes to personalizing your wedding day. Opt for one or two dominant colors and incorporate them into your wedding venue decor, the bouquet, the attire, and into the design of your wedding invitations. The menu and the cake should also take these colors.

Wrap a small ribbon of the same color around the wedding silverware or the little box full of candies that each guest will be offered at the end of the dinner.

Skipping screaming colors doesn’t mean your palette will be boring. Pastel colors combined with gray, black, ivory, white, and silver should be your choice since they can be easily paired with the rest of the decor. For a magical fairy-like set-up in winter, choose metallic colors like silver or gold, while in spring or summer, green, lavender, or pale peach would be a great choice.

color palette for classic wedding

Wedding Attire

The attire should be in line with the style of the ceremony and the wedding reception. In a classic wedding style, the outfits should be effortless. But we don’t recommend too much simplicity.

You can go for the minimalistic style with a pinch of glamor — intricate lace details or beaded embroidery. A long white bridal dress, which can be made in lace, chiffon, satin, or taffeta, is for brides who want a more traditional look.

Accessorize your bridal look with polished hairstyle, some timeless pieces of jewelry like a pearl necklace or a waistband.

When it comes to the groom’s attire, if the wedding venue calls for a black-tie dress code, he will probably have to opt for a tuxedo. In general, you shouldn’t narrow your choice to standard dark colors, so go for some classic with the twist of navy blue or ebony gray.

classic Wedding Attire

Wedding Menu

When it comes to the choice of food, the key is in the balance, meaning that you should keep away from some extravagant dishes. Don’t try to overawe your guests with something too gastronomically new. Epicurean advice focused on the seasonality of food should be a good start. Also, use your choice of food to express your personality. Make some nice varieties by serving modern classics along with the dishes that you, your loved one, and your guests will equally enjoy.

Choice of Music

Music choice can make it or break it for every friend and family gathering, and especially the wedding day. You will not be able to please everyone’s taste, but fortunately, the classic wedding style doesn’t mean the classical pieces and traditional music should be your only choice. 

Selecting the soundtracks for each key moment of your wedding day and punctuating each step of the ceremony will make an inextricable bond between music and your memories for a long time. 

For entry into the church, it is customary to choose a classical music style, rather solemn, such as a bridal march.

Once all the guests have taken their seats, the arrival of the newlyweds in the reception room is usually accompanied by modern and cheerful or rather romantic music.

Finally, you should choose your music according to the dance you want to open the wedding party with. Are you waltz or modern dance type? You can also make a mix of different music for a spectacular and varied opening of the wedding party so that your guests can accompany you.


The act of marriage itself is supposed to be utterly timeless but also unique. People are going to so many weddings, and the aim of planning this type of occasion is adding the personal touch that will make all the difference. Everything is about a wedding day that will reflect the uniqueness of a marrying couple and create memorable moments for both wedding guests and family members.