15 Creative Wedding Ceremony Ideas

1. Write Your Own Vows

Wedding Vows

One of the simplest ways to personalize your wedding ceremony is to write your own wedding vows. Vows are usually recited just before saying yes. They should be truly personal, so write them in your words. If you choose to read a quote that you like, see if you can rewrite it in a style that suits you. The story of your couple is probably rich in inspiration for writing your wishes. Go back in time, read the letters and messages that you have addressed to each other over the years, browse your photo albums, and write downyour ideas.

2. Include Your Pet

Wedding pets

It’s not unusual anymore to see fur babies attending the wedding of their owners. Since pets are often an integral part of the family, why wouldn’t they be present at such a defining moment as a wedding? It would be wise to check whether pets are allowed in the venue. Also, ensure you have a plan on how to include your pet in the wedding ceremony. Finding the ideal way to let your dog participate in your wedding can be a daunting task, but it is definitely worth it!

3. Live Wedding Painting

Let’s get back to the first way of capturing a memorable life event — painting. In the digital age, besides photo booths, drones, and social media livestreams, it’s great to have something with results not immediately visible.


This is a brand new ceremony trend, and we strongly recommend you to think about it as a unique way to capture memories of your wedding day. You will easily find artists specialized in painting of live events across the country.

4. Rice Throwing Alternatives

So many generations eternalize the tradition of rice throwing at the bride and groom at the church exit. Rice, like wheat, is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. It is usual for today’s couples to want to change customs, so let’s see what the new alternatives to this traditional ritual are.

  • Confetti — here’s an excellent way to welcome the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony and get beautiful wedding pictures.
  • Soap bubbles — the bubbles are indeed charming on wedding photos. Keep in mind to select products that do not cause stains on clothes.
  • Paper planes — Allow your guests to return to their childhood for a moment while having fun throwing little planes in the air. Choose paper that reflects the colors of your wedding for aesthetic consistency.
  • Flower petals — Whether you choose roses or any other flower of your choice, flower petals are of course a romantic alternative to rice throwing. For nature-inspired wedding photography and for a fresh, country-like atmosphere, think of flowers!

5. Ring Warming Ritual


Including a ring warming ritual into your wedding is an original way to involve all your guests in the ceremony. This ritual consists of passing the rings throughout the ceremony, giving your loved ones a chance to saturate your wedding rings with a wish or blessing for your marriage. Put someone in charge of taking care of this part of the wedding to make sure it goes smoothly and that the rings are ready on time. If you have a large number of guests, it would be suitable to warm the rings upon their arrival.

6. Planting a Tree

The meaning of this ritual is strong and consists of watching your plant and love growing together. It involves planting a shrub or any sort of plant together. This can be wonderful, especially if it takes place in your garden, so you can watch your tree grow from day to day.

7. Wedding Time Capsule

The ritual of the time capsule represents both your mutual love and the love your loved ones bring to you. The principle is simple — your relatives choose an object that they will put in a box or a chest on the day of your wedding. This box will be opened on your first wedding anniversary or later. Possible objects could be a letter, a photo, or an object that symbolizes your relationship.

8. Unity Candle


During a unity candle ritual, the bride and groom will each have to light a large candle symbolizing the creation of a new home and a new family. The flame represents light and life.

Often, it is the mothers who light the individual candles and give them to the bride and groom to signify the family transmission. However, you can adapt the symbolism of the ritual according to what makes the most sense to you.

9. Cocktails and Bubbly Bars

Often, the close family joins the groom at his parents’ home before leaving for the bride. There are some appetizers and drinks to make everyone feel welcome. Surprise your guests by offering cocktails (with or without alcohol) with pretty fruits like raspberries or lemons and all that in pretty jars or small bottles with straws. A new trend has appeared — bubbly bars. These are creative cocktails, often based on champagne or sparkling wine. Also, nothing prevents you from offering bubbly bars instead of a bottle of wine.

10. Play With the Lights


Play with the lights in your reception room or outside. Floodlights, garlands, candles — there are many ways to brighten your wedding and make it a magical place that shines with 1,001 lights. Filter the light with a projector creating pretty drawings or messages on the walls, on the ceiling, or the dance floor!

11. Spectacular Arrival

The appearance of the couple at the ceremony or party immediately boosts the mood. So find a means of transport that is related to the place of your wedding or its theme — a limousine, carriage, vintage bus. Be aware that vintage cars can be now found at many local car rental services. And if you have opted for a beach wedding, a boat will surely make the couple’s arrival a spectacular moment.

12. Mix up the Escort

Commonly, a bride enters the ceremony on her father’s arm. There’s no reason why she can’t be accompanied by someone else. This could be her grandparents, a favorite aunt, or any other awesome person the bride wishes to walk down with. She can still include her nearest and dearest in the ceremony by stopping to give them a hug along the way or at the end of the walk.

13. Unique Wedding Arch


The wedding arch is a good idea to make your ceremony unforgettable. Perfect for creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere during the exchange of vows, it brings a trendy decorative touch. For small budgets, think of DIY! The advantage of making it yourself is being able to customize in harmony with the chosen theme. A country wedding, vintage, or hippie-chic — it lends itself to all wedding themes!

  • Balloon Arch — this playful alternative will be budget-friendly and unique at the same time
  • Floating Arch Vase — add pops of color to your ceremony spot by hanging vintage bottles filled with various sorts of flowers
  • Floral Wedding Arch — work with your florist and add a magical floral touch to the traditional wedding arch

14. Unique Ceremony Spot

Choose a magical place … easier said than found, especially with a reasonable budget. But think of unusual places like museums, nightclubs, circuses, a houseboat, or the place you love most, with a barn or tent in case of bad weather.

15. Sand Ceremony

The organization of this ritual is not so demanding. All you need is a vase and two containers with sand (preferably of a different color). The bride and groom hold a vial with sand each and pour the contents into the vase together. The sand represents the couple’s individuality, experience, and personality.

The sand ritual is also an excellent way to integrate your children in the course of your ceremony. Each of your children also holds a small vial. Altogether, you pour the sand in a shared vase. This action marks the creation of your family, its strength, and unity.


The uniqueness of a wedding is in a lot of details. As with all your wedding planning, just let your inspiration guide you. Also, don’t hesitate to ask the officiant for help regarding the ceremony, decor, and different responsibilities during the service. And of course, incorporate some of these ideas to set the scene for an amazing wedding day experience.